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About the drum ebooks
You can practice the exercises contained in the ebooks direct from your laptop or tablet or print them out and pop them on your music stand. There are exercises to help develop drum sight reading, grooves and coordination. To help those new to drums, guidance notes accompany the beginner drum book which explores starter notes and simple drum beats.

The ebooks are designed to function as a progressive learning experience. By exploring simple grooves in The Fast Groove Builder, you can start to develop sight reading skills. This will enable you to gain a working knowledge of drum notation, an aid to learning more progressive drum rhythms contained in The Smart Sticks Worker and The Dots Reader Expander. The end goal is both to play and write music with creative expression!

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Learn Starter Drum Beats with The Groove Builder ebook. This is a Beginner level drum book which will take you on an exploration of rock and popular beats. There is no time wasted on unecessary 'reading music' studies. The aim is to get you playing what you want to be playing, fast! 

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Develop grooves and co-ordination with The Sticks Worker ebook. This is an intermediate level drum ebook which will expand on the easy drum beats you learnt in the Groove Builder. Here you will develop intermediate drumming techniques using drum fill-ins in a musical way. 

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Work with tuplet note exercises in The Reader Expander ebook. This is an advanced level drum ebook will develop your musical vocabulary, including drum chart reading. After working through this drum ebook, you will be playing an array of progressive drum grooves.

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Discover world beat rhythms with The Beats Explorer ebook. This is an intermediate level/advanced drum ebook which will take you on a journey into diverse music cultures. This will be both fun and challenging. It will give you the ability to play many world beat rhythms. 

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Create new drumming techniques with The Rhythm Designer ebook. This is an intermediate/advanced drum ebook which will aid you in creating your own drumming techniques. It is a presentation of many rhythmic concepts, offering you a wealth of ideas for designing your own styles. In many ways, this is just the starting point from where you can move forward in whatever direction you wish.

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